About Us

South Ribble Partnership is the Local Strategic Partnership for South Ribble. We bring together people from across the public sector, businesses and voluntary and community organisations with an aim to deliver better services in South Ribble, based on what local people want. We are committed to working efficiently and effectively, ensuring value for money and developing new and better ways of working together for the benefit of local people and communities.

The Partnership’s work is guided by South Ribble’s Sustainable Community Strategy. This Strategy sets out a clear vision for South Ribble and provides a framework for how we can work better together to improve local services and quality of life for everyone in South Ribble.

The Sustainable Community Strategy has been developed by South Ribble Partnership in consultation with a wide range of local people and organisations. It’s based on what local people have told us about the challenges they face and their aspirations for the future, as well as levels of need that exist across communities in South Ribble.