Our Values

We think that to be effective we need values that each participant’s actions reflect:

Leadership and accountability

The statutory partners, businesses and community organisations that make up the partnership lead by example and demonstrate real progress in delivering this strategy. They make sure we have the right people at the table who can make decisions and influence change.

Honesty, respect and trust

We trust each other to use information and have challenging, honest and respectful discussions so that the partnership can make a right (and sometimes bold) decisions for the benefit of South Ribble.

Collaborative, integrated and innovative approach

We believe we can achieve more by working together with common aims and objectives South Ribble has a proud culture of innovation spanning a century and we are keen to redesign services with other organisations to put outcomes for citizens first.

Communities at the core

Everything we do must be done in partnership with the diverse communities within South Ribble. Communities have their part to play in delivering the strategy; they should have their voices heard and get the support and tools they need to make things happen.

Our strategy is ambitious; we believe it is achievable if we work together and every voice is heard.

Our values underpin everything we do because we believe that it is how we work together which will bring the success and deliver outcomes we all want. Communities are at the heart of everything we do and we hope they will actively participate to forge an even better future for the areas in which we live and work.

Diversity and inclusiveness

We believe that everyone has the right to be involved and we promote, support and encourage individuals to take up the opportunity to engage with the benefit from the work of South Ribble partnership.

We speak in Plain English

Each organisation and sector has its own jargon, abbreviations and language. We strive to make language accessible, so that everyone is able to take part and understand what is being said.