People and Communities

Our Aspirations / Outcomes: Where we want to be in 2020

  • The people of South Ribble are at the heart of everything the Partnership does. We understand, engage and listen to the views, concerns and ideas of local people and local people have the ability to influence decisions that affect them.
  • Communities are empowered to take action to improve outcomes for themselves ā€“ with support from partners where they need it ā€“ and can hold partners to account for service delivery in their area.
  • Local people get on well together and feel part of their communities. All newcomers to the Borough are given a warm welcome.
  • Community and voluntary organisations in South Ribble are healthy and prospering, and contribute significantly to the wellbeing of local people. These organisations play an important part in the development and delivery of better services for local people and are funded effectively to make this contribution.
  • Inequality of any kind is not tolerated, but where it does exist, local people and partners work together to eradicate it. Everyone has equal opportunity to contribute and to reach their full potential.