Healthy Communities

Our Aspirations / Outcomes: Where we want to be in 2020

  • People in South Ribble are healthier, feel better and are empowered to take responsibility for their own health. Health inequalities have been reduced.
  • People are aware of the lifestyle choices that determine their own health, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, exercise and activity levels, social participation and risk-taking behaviour. They are encouraged and supported to take positive lifestyle choices to improve health and wellbeing and prevent illness – there is a culture of making healthy lifestyle choices in South Ribble.
  • Opportunities to exercise, play sport and participate in wellbeing activities are plentiful, accessible and affordable. Access to cultural activities, play areas and public open spaces are essential parts of South Ribble’s healthy communities.
  • Employers play a significant role in promoting and supporting healthy lifestyle choices to employees and see the positive benefits of doing so through healthier and happier workforces, ultimately contributing towards improved services and reductions in sickness and absenteeism.
  • Children and Young People have access to great health and wellbeing education and South Ribble is a leader in combating issues around obesity, alcohol and substance misuse from an early age.
  • Social care services are flexible, tailored to individual needs and are focussed on supporting vulnerable people to live independent, safe and fulfilling lives. Carers are valued and supported.
  • Health care services and resources are excellent, easily accessible and responsive to local need. Local people and communities fully participate in reviewing and shaping health and wellbeing services.