Prosperous Economy

Our Aspirations / Outcomes: Where we want to be in 2020

  • South Ribble is at the heart of a thriving, prosperous and diverse Central Lancashire economy and makes a vital contribution to the wider Lancashire and North West economies.
  • The people of South Ribble are highly skilled, flexible and ready to meet the needs of existing and new employers in the Borough. Schools, colleges and universities are focussed on equipping local people with the skills and capabilities employers are looking for.
  • New businesses thrive in South Ribble because of the excellent infrastructure and support in place. New business start-ups and survival rates are high – and continue to grow.
  • Businesses in South Ribble embrace new technologies and are committed to sustainable business practices and minimising any negative impact on the environment.  ‘Green’ businesses play an important role in the economy and South Ribble is recognised for encouraging ‘green business growth’.
  • South Ribble is recognised as a great place to live, work, visit and play – attracting employers and potential employees to the Borough.
  • Housing accommodation, cultural opportunities and the natural environment ensure that South Ribble is the first choice location for those working within the borough.