Safer Neighbourhoods

Our Aspirations / Outcomes: Where we want to be in 2020

  • People feel safe in South Ribble. Crime and disorder are not only at very low levels, but are seen as such by our communities.
  • Local people work in partnership with the Police and other organisations to free their communities of crime, vandalism, graffiti, littering and anti-social behaviour, with an emphasis placed on prevention and diversionary activities.
  • People understand the harm caused by alcohol and drug abuse and are supported to avoid these and other risk-taking behaviours.
  • South Ribble has a culture of local people respecting themselves, each other and their communities.
  • Road accidents are minimised through road safety education and appropriate improvements to the road network in South Ribble.
  • Fire safety and prevention is a key priority for local people and partners. Local people and organisations understand fire risks and are supported to take steps to avoid them.