Sustainable Environment and Borough

Our Aspirations/Outcomes: Where we want to be in 2020

  • South Ribble is a beautiful, clean, green, sustainable place that has well designed and well maintained buildings, streets and open spaces that are welcoming and accessible to everyone.
  • Sustainability is an important part of everything the partnership does and issues such as energy sources, use of materials, pollution and transport are considered in relation to delivery of all of the Partnership’s priorities.
  • Local people are aware of the effects their personal behaviour and lifestyle choices can have on the environment and are encouraged and supported to make positive choices to limit their impact.
  • Equally, employers and organisations of all kinds are aware of the impact their activities have on the environment and take proactive steps to minimise and mitigate this impact.
  • The natural environment and its inhabitants are appreciated, protected and enhanced and are seen as an integral part of what makes South Ribble a great place.
  • It is easy for people to get out and about in South Ribble – public transport connections of all kinds are safe, accessible and affordable and as such, reliance on private cars and vans has been greatly reduced.
  • Walking and cycling are the first choice for short journeys in the Borough and have been made easier and safer to do.