Community Strategy Workshops

We are undertaking a series of workshops to find out what it is that excites people about the future of South Ribble, and what also people see as the challenges and what we can do together to make things happen.

Through the workshops we aim to;

  1. Design how the Partnership its self is structured
  2. Ensure that people from across different communities can engage and be a 'part' of shaping the future
  3. Shape and define the strategy that the Partnership will commit too

Alongside the workshops the Partnership has been conducting a range of interviews with partners and also undertaking a community consultation.  This will gives us lots of feedback around some of the key issues and also the opportunities for us to all work together.  The workshops are an opportunity to find out what people have said and for that to be used to help shape the strategy.

Dates for the Calendar

  1.  Wednesday 18th July  - For the Report on what happened at the Workshop, please CLICK HERE
  2. Thursday 20th September 10:00 - 16:00 at Samlesbury Hotel.  You can book your space now by navigating  to Eventbrite (link to the right of this page)

We will also be at the MyNeighbourhood Forums in September  - These are run by South Ribble Borough Council and dates are on their website  (Click here)