Our Priorities

As part of the Sustainable Community Strategy and following our 2013 Annual General Meeting, South Ribble Partnership has '3' main priorities.

These priorities are there to help us focus our resources; intensively working to deliver our vision of working better together to make South Ribble and its communities a great place to live, work, visit and play.

Impact of City Deal

Work with communities to assess the impact of City Deal for residents, businesses and local organisations and services.

Ensure that the City Deal delivers real benefit to local people; providing local people with access to education, skills and employment and a strong, vibrant community.

Supporting the Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector

Work with the Voluntary, Community and Faith sector to develop a coherent approach to;

  • Volunteering
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Reducing duplication
  • Supporting closer joint working

Health: Care Close to Home

Work with local service providers and communities to focus on early intervention and care close to home. Build upon and develop existing services; giving due consideration to opportunities and referrals to non-medical interventionist options.