Living Smart

The 'Living Smart Challenge' asked a number of households from across the borough to take part in a yearlong competition to reduce their energy use and carbon footprint. Households from across the borough of South Ribble volunteered to take part in the challenge and were asked to commit to the project for 12 months. Householders were given advice on various topics which included:

  • Energy saving (general advice plus information on loft and cavity wall insulation, boiler replacement, etc.)
  • Recycling and composting
  • Personal travel planning
  • Eco driving
  • Wildlife gardening
  • Water conservation

Over the course of the project, partner agencies led a particular activity, timely for the season. For example, heating advice was provided going into winter, and cycle rides and health walks were featured during the school holidays.

Households that took part reported a reduction in their carbon footprint, energy consumption and household bills. One household in particular lowered their footprint by 12%.

By taking small practical steps the participants in the programme made small changes step by step, month by month. Making these changes at their own pace helped the families to adapt their habits, leading to a lasting change to the way they behave.

Why not try the challenge for yourself. You can download our guide sheets and take the challenge in your own time. See how much energy (and of course money) you can save by taking up the challenge.