Smart Response

Smart response was commissioned in April 2010 its objectives where to:-

  • Engage young people engaging in antisocial behaviour and substance misuse into Young Addaction treatment services where appropriate
  • Re-engage young people who have ‘dropped out’ of Young Addaction back into treatment where appropriate
  • Reduce anti-social behaviour during evenings of targeted street work
  • Reduce antisocial behaviour through delivering targeted group work and family interventions for young people identified by the police/partners as involved in antisocial behaviour
  • Demonstrate lasting changes in views and behaviour in young people who are in the project (through engagement into Young Addaction and or targeted group work sessions / family work interventions)
  • Provision of learning opportunities to young people (through group work, street work) and parents (through targeted family work)
  • Provision of advice/support to parents/carers of young people identified as engaging in antisocial behaviour / problematic substance misuse
  • Facilitate access to mediation/counselling/parenting support for families
  • Engage young people identified as engaging in substance misuse and antisocial behaviour into positive activities / mainstream services
  • Provision of harm minimization and personal safety advice to young people to reduce victimization and harms associated with substance misuse

The ‘Smart Response’ project represented an innovative model of working which encompassed police and partner agency intelligence led targeted work. This work was delivered by young people’s specialist drug and alcohol workers (Young Addaction).

This project provided the capacity to deliver targeted outreach with young people and families on a regular basis in response to local need, rather than ad hoc pieces of work. Directed by local intelligence from partner agencies, ‘Smart Response’ delivered

  • Evening street work
  • Targeted family work interventions
  • Targeted group work interventions