Big Do!

Big Do is Back!

We are gearing up for Big Do 2017 and it is set to be BIGGER than ever before. Best of all it is all still FREE

It takes place on October 26th at the Leyland Hotel from 3pm until 7pm when it is then followed by South Ribble Community Awards.

Our theme this year is about 'Sharing'.  We all have something to offer and we want to encourage people and organisations to share their skills, knowledge and time to help others.

Market Place

The market place will be a bustling hub of stall holders and information points where you will be able to find out about opportunities to share skills with other organisations, as well as promoting yourself!

Everyone who comes will be able to take part in the 'Grid' where you will be able to promote your organisations or business so long as you can fit it in to a square block 40cm x 40cm

More information will come soon but if you are an organisation that offers volunteering opportunities or are looking for support we want to hear from you as we have some full sized pitches available.


We have some exciting workshops planned, which includes;

  • Learning about the benefits of skill sharing
  • How we can better communicate by sharing our messages together
  • Becoming a Dementia Friend

Keep checking back here for more updates and follow us on facebook.