South Ribble Partnership is focused on developing the business plans and models required to implement and site co-located facilities and joint working practises; making better use of resources and ensuring long-term sustainability of services.

We have been funded by the North West Coast Academic Health Science Network, to develop the necessary business plans and models. These business cases will then be used to secure the required investment from partners and the City Deal, to invest in the required infrastructure, to support communities.

The accelerated growth that will occur as a result of City Deal presents a real opportunity for the myriad of organisations that provide services to the residents of South Ribble. Research which has been carried out, to prepare for the impacts of City Deal and the anticipated growth it will bring has shown that many organisations from different sectors are considering joint use of facilities and co-location of services primarily for financial, service delivery and equality purposes.

These are referred to in many different ways – centres, hubs, joint managed facilities etc. However to convert these ideas into action, there needs to be produced a cohesive business model and delivery plan.

We have engaged a consultancy, who is now working with a wide range of partners from the public, private and 3rd sectors to develop a cohesive business model that can be implemented. The process we have adopted is outlined below and if you are interested in finding out more about the project please don't hesitate to contact us.

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